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                       The choir at Fairfields United Methodist Church is small (ten to twelve members) but well represented in all four parts producing a very pleasing harmony. 

In addition to the singers, we have an accomplished flutist (Judy Mooers). Sometimes we have clarinet solos by one of our members (Connie Edwards) or duets. On occasion a guitar and percussion instruments are added.

A group of five to eight children sing using hand motions for special occasions.  Special Sundays are celebrated with additional music by soloists, a cantata or pageants with costumes.  Groups from other churches have come to share either in song or praise dance. 

The Ministry of Music strives to lift up the power of praise during worship with the use of a variety of musical styles and performers. 

The adult choir practice is held every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p. m.  All are invited  to come regardless of vocal training, without having an audition but with a desire to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through music! 

The choir director, Barbara Hays, can be contacted by phone/text (804-366-6056) or email (blhays@yahoo.com).



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