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Purpose and Background

The Fairfields UMC Covington-Hurst Educational Fund (CHEF) exists to support the local community by providing funds to qualified applicants for any valid EDUCATIONAL, VOCATIONAL, OR JOB TRAINING COURSE OF INSTRUCTION. 

The fund is named after two sisters who were lifetime members of Fairfields United Methodist Church and taught in Northumberland County schools for over 70 cumulative years. They also have many years of active church and community service.

Since its beginning in 2003, CHEF has provided financial assistance to students attending many different educational institutions, mostly in Virginia. 

2015 CHEF Recipients
June 7, 2015 Award Date

Who May Apply and When


To apply for vocational or job related funds, an applicant may be a resident of either Lancaster or Northumberland County.  No preference is given regarding race, sex, age, or national origin.  Requests for vocational or job related funds may be submitted at any time.  Information may be obtained by calling the church office at 804-453-3770.  

CHEF is funded by annual contributions from Fairfields UMC fund raising activities as well as from individual members and friends of the church. Therefore, the number of grants and award amounts will vary annually based on available funds.  CHEF is not currently accepting new Applications for college scholarships, but will continue to award scholarships to past recipients who re-apply. 

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